Levine, Lloyd

Lloyd Edward Levine is a Democrat who represented California's 40th State Assembly district between December 2002 and November 2008.

In a Sharp Turn to the Right, Senate GOP Seeks to Undo Bipartisan Marine Protection Law

By Lloyd Levine

There are few things in the Legislature that Democrats and Republicans have been able to agree on in recent years. One of them was the Marine Life Protection Act, a law that attracted broad bipartisan support when it passed and was signed into law by Gov. Gray Davis, and continues to draw the strong backing of Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The MLPA, as it is known, would set up marine protected areas in small sections rich in marine life along California's coast. Several years of involvement by stakeholder groups -- ranging from local anglers to business leaders to environmental groups -- have led to a series of compromises on protected locations that will boost local economies and allow fisheries to recover. Similar popular underwater protected areas have operated in other states and nations for years, helping ocean resources recover.

American Sportsfishing Association Attack on California's Marine Life Protection Act Backfires

By Lloyd Levine

It's too bad the American Sportsfishing Association doesn't let facts get in the way of a good story in its fight against the Marine Life Protection Act.

In a recent edition of American Sportfishing, the president of the Beltway-based American Sportsfishing Association, Mike Nussbaum ranted about the MLPA process, apparently without the benefit of accurate information.

Fortunately, the author of the legislation, former Assemblyman Fred Keeley and I set him straight.

In a recent letter, we scolded Nussman for misrepresenting the MLPA and the current implementation process . With false information and inaccurate statistics, his comments undermine the honest debate underway in our state over this landmark legislation that has the support of many members of our state’s fishing community.