Gonzales, Irene

Irene Gonzalez is walking from Bakersfield to Sacramento as part of the March for California’s Future. Irene is a juvenile probation officer in Los Angeles and an executive board member of AFSCME Local 685.

Exposing San Diego’s Dirtiest Politician

By Lorena Gonzalez
San Diego and Imperial Counties Labor Council
Local elections rarely matter to the rest of the state. We all are facing so many challenges in our own regions, that paying attention to another part of the state is often just an after-thought. But, once in a while, there is a local politician with such dangerous beliefs, tactics and immense corporate backing, that it warrants statewide attention. Such is the case in San Diego today.

I came of age as a young San Diegan at the same time Pete Wilson left our City Hall to become governor of California. And, as harmful and antagonistic as a Governor Pete Wilson was, he was mild compared to Carl DeMaio, one of four high-profile candidates vying San Diego’s top spot this June.

A Crisis in Faith

By Irene Gonzalez

We have been on the road for almost a month now. If I have learned anything during this March for California’s Future, it is that people in the San Joaquin Valley have lost their faith and their hope along with their jobs and homes.

At the intersection of Route 99&41 in Fresno, we came upon a 10-block long area of homeless people sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk flanked by rows and rows of tents, their only possessions being their sleeping bags and the clothes on their backs.