Miller, Jim

Jim Miller is an English and Labor Studies instructor at San Diego City College.

Don't Swat the Kids

By Jim Miller

Although the vast majority of responses to the March for California's Future have been positive, there have been a few folks who were less than sanguine about our 48-day march to Sacramento. One day last week as we marched by a farm in the middle of the vast Central Valley, a stocky man in a tractor stopped as we passed by and asked us why were marching.

"Against education cuts," I started in.

"They already get too much money," he interrupted.

I tried again with, "Actually, public education has been cut by over $18 billion over the last two years."

And he stopped me with, "Where do they get all the money for those fancy buses--the government? Is that where the money comes from? "

I tried to smile and said, "Yes, it comes from the government, but..."

"I think they should swat the kids!" he blurted out angrily. "And why do we feed the kids? Why do we have to pay for that? The parents should feed them. We should swat the kids! Swat 'em!"