Kim, Jonathan

Jonathan Kim is an independent film critic. He writes and produces movie reviews for, which focuses on the political aspects of current and past films.

Where California Businesses That Support Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions Should Go

By Jonathan Kim

If you go to the website for the US Chamber of Commerce (USCOC), America's "voice of business" that claims to represent the interests of over 3 million businesses, it feels like you've found the site for a right wing advocacy group.

There are clips from FOX News (that aren't making fun of them), attacks on healthcare and financial regulatory reform, and links to Wall Street Journal op-eds claiming that America has more to fear from the political influence of labor unions than from corporations with annual profits in the billions. The implication is clear -- American businesses have right wing values.

Petition to Kill California's Anti-Pollution Legislation Is Off to a Rocky, Slimy Start

By Jonathan Kim

So it's been over a week since Texas oil refiners (and two of California's worst polluters) Valero and Tesoro ponied up close to $2 million to launch a petition drive to get an initiative on the November ballot to kill AB 32, California's nation-leading legislation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 1990 levels and encourage job creation in the booming green/clean energy and tech industries.