Pool, Dick

Dick Poole is the owner of San Francisco-based Pro-Troll Products, a company that creates and markets innovative fishing and marine products. He is a strong advocate of fisheries restoration and makes every effort to support those organizations that work to restore California fisheries. The company is member of the American Sportfishing Association, The Northwest Sportfishing Industry Alliance, Coastside Fishing Club of California and numerous other non-profit groups.

The Human Cost of the Salmon Crisis

By Dick Pool

It’s not exaggerating to say that salmon are my life. As an engineer, I hold numerous patents for salmon tackle. My company, Pro-Troll Products in Concord, specializes in equipment designed especially for salmon angling. I’ve spent the last 30 years fishing for salmon, teaching other people how to fish for salmon, thinking about salmon and volunteering my time and money to organizations dedicated to sustaining these most noble—and delicious -- of fish.

I like to think I know quite a bit about salmon, but I admit I’m no biologist. However, I’m familiar enough with the subject to know good fisheries science when I see it. For the last couple of years, I’ve been compiling and analyzing the data included in the National Marine Fisheries Service’s 2009 “biological opinion” for California salmon. This report consists of 800 pages, with 1,500 pages of addenda. Unless you’re a salmon fanatic like me, reading it can be a daunting exercise.