Vissa, Preeti

Preeti Vissa manages the Community Reinvestment program at the Greenlining Institute, an initiative aimed at building wealth, assets, and financial sustainability in communities of color. The Greenlining Institute is a national policy, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice.

If AT&T Buys T-Mobile, Who Wins and Who Loses?

By Preeti Vissa and Samuel S. Kang
Greenlining Institute

AT&T’s recently announced plan to acquire T-Mobile has the potential to change the communications landscape in significant ways. A few have already praised or condemned the proposed merger, but rather than rush to judgment (and federal regulators could take a year or more to approve or reject the proposal), it may make more sense to take a deep breath, step back, and look at the big picture.

Could Goldman Sachs Do to California What It Did to Greece?

By Preeti Vissa and Faith Bautista
Greenlining Institute

Recent reports that financial legerdemain engineered by Goldman Sachs helped destabilize the Greek economy ought to make Californians nervous. It’s time to ask if Goldman could do to us what it appears to have done to the Greeks and, indirectly, to the rest of Europe.

In February, major news organizations reported that the Federal Reserve Board is investigating the role that Goldman – a major recipient of federal bailout funds during our own financial meltdown – played in the Greek debt crisis. The firm used complex financial instruments called “derivatives” to help the Greek government hide the fact that it was in debt up to its eyeballs and getting in deeper.