Van de Kamp, John

John Van de Kamp was the District Attorney for the County of Los Angeles from 1976 until 1982, and the 28th Attorney General of California from 1983 until 1991. He was elected and served as the 80th President of the State Bar of California in 2004-2005. He is currently on the board of directors of the Planning and Conservation League. In this article, he discusses last year’s CEQA exemption for a football stadium in the City of Industry.

City of Walnut's CEQA Challenge to Proposed New Stadium

By John Van de Kamp

I was attending the annual California State Bar Conference in San Diego on September 12, when I received an urgent call from fellow PCL Board member Jan Chatten Brown asking me if I would mediate a CEQA challenge initiated by her client the City of Walnut against the City of Industry and Majestic Realty. 

The subject: a NFL Stadium complex Majestic’s Ed Roski planned in a corner of the City of Industry between the two bedroom communities of Walnut and Diamond Bar.

The urgency:  Senate President Pro Term Daryl Steinberg had held up a bill granting a CEQA exemption to the project, urging the parties to mediate. With the approval of Industry’s and Majestic’s attorneys we dug in on September 14.