Russo, Mike

Mike Russo is a Health Care Advocate and Staff Attorney for CALPIRG, a non-profit advocacy organization that takes on powerful interests on behalf of Californians, working to win concrete results for our health and our well-being.

California in the Driver’s Seat for Health Reform

By Mike Russo

In the yearlong debate over health reform, it was often disconcerting to see decisions so important to California being made far away in Washington.  True, our state boasts a large, powerful congressional delegation, so it’s not as though our concerns were ignored.  Still, California has many unique needs when it comes to health care, and what sounds good 2,000 miles away can look very different on the ground.  

Calling it Like We See it on the Senate Health Care Bill

By Mike Russo

At CALPIRG, we've got a 35-year history of calling like we see it.

It means we've been in the uncomfortable position of opposing a bill many others are willing to squint and call a win. It also means if a bill is actually a small step forward, we'll be honest about that.

So guess what we found when we dove into the details of the Senate health care bill? It's not a small step forward. It's a BIG step forward.

Is it perfect? No. Would it be even better if it included the public option? You bet.

But on the huge issue of reining in soaring costs while improving quality care, it heads America in exactly the right direction. And leaves room for states like California to be innovative, and move faster and further to get results here at home.