DePaul, Amy

Amy DePaul is a former staff writer at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. Her news and feature articles have appeared in the Washington Post, Dallas Morning News, Baltimore Sun, London Independent, Dayton Daily News and Agence France-Presse, among many other newspapers, magazines, alternative presses and news services.

What's Next for the Exchange?

By Amy DePaul

It seemed fitting that the federal government closure - staged in the name of defeating the unpopular reforms of the Affordable Care Act - began on the same day that the ACA's new insurance exchange drew an overwhelmingly eager response from the American public.

"A ton of people are excited to enroll," enthused Sarah Sol, information officer at Covered Cal. "Needless to say, we're thrilled with this strong consumer response."

As Stephen Colbert said in characteristic faux Republican, "Too many people signing up is always the surest sign that nobody wants it."

Budget Blogs Keep Tabs on UC Meltdown

By Amy DePaul

Mainstream media have covered protests in response to the massive budget cuts  at the University of California, including the confrontation at UCLA when tuition was raised Nov. 19, but few reporters have the time or resources to delve deeply into the crisis of public higher education.

But where newspaper coverage is dying, blogs are blooming, helping fill the reporting gap on what the cuts mean for students, faculty, workers and administrators.

One notable blog is, a comprehensive blog maintained by UC Santa Barbara professor Christopher Newfield, author of Unmaking the Public University, Harvard University Press. Newfield’s theory, as captured in his book description is the following: