Scippa, Michael J.

Michael J. Scippa is the Advocacy Director Marin Institute, an alcohol industry watchdog based in San Rafael, California. Marin Institute envisions communities free of the alcohol industry’s negative influence and an alcohol industry that does not harm the public’s health.

Assembly Health Committee Abstainers Kick Alcohol Fee Bill to the Curb

By Michael Scippa
Marin Institute

AB 1694 (Beall-San Jose), is a modest piece of legislation that would place a nickel-a-drink fee on only the biggest producers and importers of beer, wine, and spirits to raise $750 million to mitigate the annual $38.4 billion cost of alcohol-related harm in California.

The bill was kicked to the curb in the Assembly Health Committee on March 23rd. It needed 10 "yes" votes to get out. But only received five from legislators who saw the merit in asking alcohol producers to help pay for the medical, law enforcement, and criminal justice costs racked up by alcohol-related accidents, illnesses, deaths, violent acts, arrests, judicial action and incarceration.

No Happy Hour for States In the Red

By Michael J. Scippa
Advocacy Director
Marin Institute

Marin Institute, the alcohol industry watchdog, has released a reportanalyzing the successes and failures of states that proposed bills to raise alcohol taxes during the 2009 legislative session.