Ozer, Nicole

Nicole is the Technology and Civil Liberties Policy Director of the ACLU of Northern California

Facebook Privacy in Transition - But Where Is It Heading?

By Nicole Ozer
ACLU of Northern California

The next time you log onto Facebook, you'll be thinking about privacy: how private are your photos, friends, status updates, and personal details, and how public do you actually want them to be? 

In response to pressure about its privacy practices, including an ACLU petition signed by over 43,000 concerned Internet users, Facebook has released a new privacy policy, modified its profile and publication privacy controls, and rolled out a "Transition Tool" to guide all 350 million Facebook users through the process of choosing new privacy settings.

To learn more about today's changes and tips on the new privacy controls, visit our resource page, What Does Facebook's Privacy Transition Mean for You?

It's Time to Demand Our dotRights!

By Nicole Ozer
ACLU of Northern California

Your life, your data. Or is it?

When we update our status on Facebook, post those photos on Flickr, or shop for holiday gifts on Amazon, a whole lot happens behind the scenes. The more we do online, the more digital footprints we leave behind. Many sites we visit collect detailed information about us—our politics, hobbies, relationships and more.

Outdated privacy laws often fail to keep your personal information from being shared, sold, or handed over to a snooping government—without a warrant! And the government and some Web companies don't exactly want us to connect the dots.

Who Protects Your Privacy?