Ochoa, Enrique C.

Enrique C. Ochoa is a Professor of History and Director of Latin American Studies at the California State University, Los Angeles.

The Silent Unraveling of the CSU

By Enrique C. Ochoa
California Faculty Association

Throughout the state, thousands of students are rushing to get their admissions applications into the California State University‚Äôs (CSU) 23 campuses before the November 30 priority deadline. Within the first two weeks of the submission period, applications had already exceeded the number of spots available. 

Given the CSU decision to decrease enrollment by 40,000 students, compared to its 2008-09 enrollment, and since record numbers of students are applying, there will be tens of thousands of disappointed qualified students. 

While many hope that this is only a temporary setback for the CSU in this time of budget shortfalls, the CSU administration is quietly working to overhaul the system so that it will continue to exclude qualified students.