King, Rose

Rose King is a political and policy consultant, and a family member of individuals with serious mental illness. As Chief of Staff to Lieutenant Governor Leo McCarthy, she initiated a state Task Force on Serious Mental Illness that developed landmark legislation in 1988. She worked with a drafting committee for Prop 63, and served as principal consultant to then-Attorney General Bill Lockyer to launch the MHSA Oversight and Accountability Commission during Lockyer's tenure on the OAC in 2005-07.

Prop 63 Mental Health Law Not Implemented Five Years After Passage

By Rose King

The California Department of Mental Health (DMH) has spent five years and hundreds of millions in Prop 63 tax revenue on conferring, planning, reporting, and papering itself and legions of contract consultants, with little progress to show for it. The product is process, and the matter of committees, meetings, reports, and personnel to manage it. Improvements in direct services are yet to be seen.

I filed a Whistleblower Complaint Report with the California State Auditor because DMH has failed to implement Prop 63, the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA), and cannot get the money out the door to provide better services for more people. The central complaint is that the law requires expansion of “county mental health Systems of Care,” but DMH decided to invent a new system, with a new bureaucracy, requiring counties to recruit new clients and create new programs.