Assembly Weekly Radio Address

Assemblymember Mike Eng: Homeowner’s Bill of Rights Passes Legislature, Helping Bring Foreclosure Relief and Consumer Protection

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Assemblymember Mike Eng (D-Alhambra) discusses the passage of the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights, a legislative package that targets the unfair practices of banks and lenders that helped spur the housing crisis and works to ensure a more transparent and fair foreclosure process for California homeowners. Eng, who is a co-author of the package, notes the historic nature of the action and says the Homeowner’s Bill of Rights is a major step forward toward restoring the housing market and providing foreclosure relief for Californians.

Speaker John A. Pérez Praises the SCOTUS Decision to Uphold Affordable Care Act

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) talks about the importance of the US Supreme Court’s recent decision to uphold President Obama’s Affordable Care Act, which will benefit millions of Californians previously denied coverage because of preexisting conditions, allow children to stay on their parents’ health plans until age 26 and will prevent people from going bankrupt due to an illness or injury. Speaker Pérez, who authored legislation implementing a key component of the Affordable Care Act creating California’s Health Care Exchange, said this is an especially important victory for California, allowing people access to more affordable and comprehensive healthcare coverage.

Assemblymember Mitchell Commemorates California’s Juneteenth National Freedom Day Observance

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Assemblymember Holly Mitchell (D-Culver City) commemorates Juneteenth. This is the 10th anniversary of California celebrating the holiday, which was inspired by the news of the emancipation proclamation finally reaching the entire nation two years after the proclamation was issued. Mitchell, who is the Secretary of the Legislative Black Caucus, encourages Californians to reflect on Juneteenth as a day to recognize the accomplishments of African-Americans in this country and their road to equality, freedom and justice.

This week’s English language address is 2:04.

Assemblymember Pan Honors D-Day and Announces Assembly Support for CalVet Connect Program to Help California Veterans Obtain Ben

In this Democratic weekly radio address, Dr. Richard Pan (D-Sacramento) recognizes the 68th anniversary of D-Day and honors all those who have fought for our country.  Dr. Pan, vice chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee, also announces new Assembly funding for the CalVet Connect program, which will establish a state-level database to collect and maintain contact data for Californian veterans, making it easier for the state’s almost 2 million veterans to obtain their benefits.  

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Hello, this is Dr. Richard Pan, Vice-Chair of the Veterans Affairs Committee.

Middle Class Scholarship Act Slashes Student Fees by Two-Thirds

By Assemblymember Marty Block

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Assemblymember Marty Block (D-San Diego), Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee, discusses the Middle Class Scholarship Act, a plan to make higher education accessible and affordable for middle class Californians. “Enacting the Middle Class Scholarship will take a lot of work,” said Block. “But with enough support from students, parents, and all Californians who depend on an educated workforce, it can become a reality.” AB 1501, half of the two-bill package that establishes the Middle Class Scholarship, was passed with a two-thirds, bipartisan vote in the Assembly this week.

The Middle Class Scholarship Act, introduced by Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) would cut college fees at UC and CSU by two-thirds for students and families who are not eligible for financial aid. It also provides $150 million to help families send students to Community Colleges.  

Speaker John A. Pérez Pays Tribute to Fallen Soldiers and Encourages Support for Veterans

SACRAMENTO –In this week’s Democratic radio address, Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) recognizes Memorial Day and pays tribute to the brave Americans who have made the ultimate sacrifice to defend our nation. Californians have fought in every U.S. conflict since our admission into the Union in 1850 and continue to fight in Afghanistan today. Speaker Pérez notes the Assembly is working to help Californian veterans by supporting programs like “Work for Warriors”—a program which helps place National Guard men and women in jobs—and CalVet Connect which will aid in veteran outreach across all levels of government and seek to increase the amount of benefits distributed to veterans.

California Budget Deficit Requires Balanced Approach

By Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley) discusses the California budget deficit and Governor Jerry Brown’s recently revised budget proposal. Blumenfield, Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, notes that a slow recovery and court decisions blocking previous cuts have contributed to the $16 billion deficit. Blumenfield also points to the need for Californians to pair new revenues with the cuts that must be made.

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Speaker John A. Pérez: President Obama’s Support for Marriage Equality ‘Historic Milestone’

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) praises President Barack Obama for announcing his support for marriage equality. Speaker Pérez, the first openly gay person to be elected to the position of Assembly Speaker in the country, said Obama’s remarks were a historic milestone for the LGBT community and for equality in the United States. President Obama made the announcement on Wednesday, becoming the first sitting president to support marriage equality. 

Speaker Pérez Discusses Middle Class Scholarship Act Prior to Unanimous Bipartisan Vote by Assembly Higher Education Committee

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly radio address, Speaker John A. Pérez (D-Los Angeles) testifies before the Assembly Higher Education Committee regarding AB 1501, one of two bills that make up the Middle Class Scholarship Act, which slashes state college fees for middle class Californians by two-thirds. The Committee unanimously passed the bill on a bipartisan vote.

The Middle Class Scholarship Act will cover students whose family income is under $150,000, but over the amount allowed to qualify for financial aid. CSU students will save about $4,000 per year or $16,000 over a four-year period, UC students will save about $8,200 per year or nearly $33,000 over a four-year period, and Community Colleges would also receive $150 million to reduce costs for students.

Assemblymember Hueso Honors Earth Day, Encourages Californians to Stay Green

In this week’s Democratic weekly radio address, Assemblymember Ben Hueso (D-San Diego) honors April 22nd as Earth Day—a day first recognized in 1970 in the beginning of the modern environmental movement—and discusses California’s leadership in environmentally-friendly legislation, technology and organizations. As a member of the Committee on Water, Parks and Wildlife, Hueso encourages every Californian to keep our state healthy and clean for years to come.  

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