Rubenstein, Anthony

Anthony Rubenstein is a nationally recognized expert on government policy and marketplace issues regarding petroleum use reduction, and the adoption of alternative fuels and vehicles, as well as clean renewable energy technologies. He is the former founder and Chairman of Californians for Clean Energy, the force behind California’s 2006 Proposition 87, the largest Clean Energy referendum in U.S. history. The intent of Prop 87 was to make California permanently the global leader in clean technology development and adoption by funding clean tech research centers at Universities across California, and by reducing the use of petroleum fuels in California via market incentives to foster the use of clean alternative fuels and vehicles, as well as renewable and energy efficiency technologies. Despite a record-breaking $110 million opposition campaign by the petroleum industry, Prop 87 was narrowly defeated, with support from 45% of California voters.

It's Time to reThink Cali: Starting With The World's First Virtual Constitutional Convention

By Anthony Rubenstein

California is one of the greatest places on the planet. That’s why there are so many of us here. What happens in California matters a lot, not just to those of us who live here, but also to the whole country. But as the first televised gubenatorial debate showed, the current public discussion is short on solutions for what's really ailing Cali, and as a recent series in the San Jose Mercury News makes plain, the trouble starts at the very core of our governance.

Over the last few decades California has outsourced our governance to the multi-billion-dollar Political-Industrial Complex (aka Big Poli). Big Poli's cadres of consultants, lawyers, pollsters, direct-mail outfits, paid petition circulators, fundraisers, and “strategists” - to name just a few - have become an un-elected permanent shadow government. Big Poli creates the controversies that gridlock our state, and writes the ballot initiatives that have turned the state constitution into a 65,000-word tome of contradictions that ties our state government in knots.

Refuting Oil Industry Lies About The California Severance Tax

By Anthony Rubenstein

The State of California is once again in the throes of a budget crisis.  An oil severance tax has been suggested as one way to increase state revenues in order to avoid or reverse state program and service cuts caused by California's chronic budget problems.  Every major newspaper in the state has editorialized in favor of adopting some version of an oil severance tax. Predictably, these proposals have been met by well-worn lies voiced by a rogues' gallery of paid spokespeople, front groups and experts-for-hire.

California is the only oil producing region on the planet where the Oil Companies get away without paying some form of what's called a severance tax, a royalty paid for the right to "sever" natural resources from the land.  Even oil taken from under federal waters off the California coast is subject to an 18.75% federal royalty, but in California’s territory - nothing.