Young, Julius

Starting in 1979, Julius Young has represented thousands of individuals who have sustained life-changing injuries or illnesses while on the job. A partner of Boxer & Gerson since 1988, he practices workers’ compensation and disability law in Oakland. This article originally appeared in his blog It is republished with his permission.

SB 863: Why Are Worker Advocates In Opposition?

By Julius Young

Boxer & Gerson, Oakland, CA
Publisher Of Blog

Today the legislature is holding an informational hearing on SB 863, a comprehensive workers’ comp reform bill.

Although the bill has some good elements, has been improved from recent versions and although any progressive workers’ comp reform effort may involve some compromises, SB 863 has too many takeaways for workers and should be rejected.

Workers' Comp Rate Hike Whac-a-Mole

By Julius Young

I love arcade games.

Show me a skeeball machine and I'm a happy camper. It's worth the drive to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk just for that.

Pac Man? Say no more. A good pinball machine is heaven. Table shuffleboard? Spent many hours playing at a local Oakland watering hole, The Kingfish.

But a good game of whac-a-mole is difficult to beat.

California Insurance Commissioner (and GOP gubernatorial candidate) Steve Poizner continues to play a good game of whac-a-mole.

Today comes his announcement that he is AGAIN denying the Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau's request for a hike in comp insurance rates. The Workers Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau had recommended a 22.8% rate increase, effective January 2010.