Snow, Deborah

Deborah Snow was born and raised in California. Deborah received her BA degree from California Baptist University in Riverside, CA. majoring in both English and Behavioral Science. She is currently employed at University of California, Riverside as a Library Assistant. Deborah is married and has one daughter. She also volunteers in her spare time at Riverside City and County Animal Shelter

California Chiropractic Board Proposes Consumer Omnibus Protection Regulations

By Debbie Snow

Many California health care boards are proposing new regulations to strengthen disciplinary procedures for health care workers charged with significant wrongdoing.  The Board of Chiropractic Examiners (BCE) has taken a proactive stance in initiating a broad scope of proposed regulations through an extensive plan called the Omnibus Consumer Protection Regulations.

A series of articles in The Los Angeles Times/Pro Publica in 2009 highlighted egregious licensee misconduct that happened within a California health care board partially due to lax enforcement policies and procedures.  Although these articles focused primarily on the Nursing Board, the Senate Business and Professions Committee found that many state health care boards failed in their efforts to protect the public and found that there was often a lag time of more than three years to remove a dangerous practitioner from practice.

Additional Funding, Support for Consumer Protection Enforcement Needed

By Debbie Snow

Most health care workers are dedicated and conscientious. However, there are always unscrupulous practitioners in every profession that need to be quickly removed. In 2009, Pro Publica and Los Angeles Times published a joint investigative series on cases of California nurses who continued practicing for years after evidence of serious misconduct. The journalists found that it took more than 3 years on average to remove nurses with DUI convictions, evidence of sexual misconduct and even negligence resulting in patient death

In August 2009, Governor Schwarzenegger fired most of the members of the Nursing board and pledged extensive reforms to effectively protect patients from physicians, dentists, nurses, and all other health care professionals charged with misconduct or negligence. 

Improving the complaint process in State Health Care Boards: Sexual Misconduct

Deborah-Snow.jpg By Deborah Snow

Boundary transgressions and sexual misconduct in the health care profession are offenses that all state health care boards are charged to competently investigate and appropriately discipline. The prohibition between sexual contact between doctor and patient dates back to the Hippocratic Oath of Ancient Greece, “…..I will come for the benefit of the sick, remaining free of all intentional injustice, of mischief and in particular of sexual relationships with both female and male, be they free or slave.”