Monning, Bill

Bill Monning is a candidate for the 27th Assembly District. His positions on issues can be found on the campaign website at .

Assemblymember Bill Monning: Repeal of Health Care Reform Would Be an Expensive Mistake for California and the Country

By Assemblymember BIll Monning

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic weekly address, Assemblymember Bill Monning (D-Carmel) discusses how partisan attempts to repeal federal health care reform would mean a loss of new health care protections for Californians, including pregnant women, children with disabilities, people with pre-existing conditions, and young people now eligible to remain on their parents’ coverage. Monning also notes seniors would lose prescription drug discounts, and face new costs for preventive care to keep them healthy. Monning adds that repeal would also cause California to lose federal funding for our new Health Benefit Exchange, a consumer friendly marketplace where individuals and small businesses can claim federal tax credits and easily understand their insurance choices and costs.

Click onto the following link for the English language MP3 file. The running time is 2:38.