Selix, Rusty

Rusty Selix is the Executive Director of the Mental Health Association in California and a legal proponent of voter-approved Proposition 63, which is targeted by Prop. 1E

Proposition 63 Works Just As Voters Intended

By Rusty Selix
California Council of Community Mental Health Agenices

DJ Jaffe’s first mistruth (“Mental Health Services Act Needs to Focus on Mental Illness” March 13, 2012) is that Proposition 63 is not funding treatment. Voters approved Prop 63 in 2004 with clear direction: three-quarters of the money is for treating people with serious mental illness.  But voters understood that it would be better to get people help before their mental health problems become severe and disabling so 20% is for identifying and responding earlier to indications of mental illness and removing barriers such as the stigma that keeps people from seeking care and other innovative ways to increase timely access to services.