Campbell, Duane

Duane Campbell is a Professor of Bilingual/Multicultural Education at Calif. State University-Sacramento and the author of Choosing Democracy; a practical guide to multicultural education. (Merrill/Pren Hall.2004)

We Are Not Broke, But Corporate Tax Subsidies Are Killing Us!

By Dr. Duane E. Campbell and Dr. Bill Barclay

“We’re broke,” said John Boehner, Republican speaker of the House in arguing for $100 billion in cuts in the federal budget, cuts that impact students, poor and the elderly.

This argument is false.

The US is not broke – and neither is California.

We suffer from two problems: a huge concentration of income at the very top of the income distribution and a tax system that fails to tax  that concentration.  Our tax system asks those with less to pay more and those with more to pay less.

Who Doesn’t Pay their Fair Share?

Sacramento Rally to Support Wisconsin Workers

By Duane Campbell

Over 2500 union members and supporters rallied at the State Capitol in Sacramento on February 22, 2011, in a candlelight vigil to support the working people in Wisconsin in their struggle to defend their union rights. The financial crisis that began 2007 is an assault on organized labor, working people, and our democracy. To date the corporate class is winning.

While Wall Street has recovered and returned to profitability, working people continue to suffer 15 million unemployed with at least 10 million more under employed. It is more than a crisis - the reality is that the financial class has looted the U.S. economy. The Oligarchs took 13 trillion dollars out of the economy and caused 4 million people to lose their homes and another 4.5 million to fall into foreclosure. Now they want you and I to pay for their greed by forcing budget cuts on the states.

An Open Letter to Governor Brown

By Duane Campbell
Sacramento Progressive Alliance

Dear Governor Brown,

In your State of the State Address tonight you requested ideas on where revenues might come from to avoid the painful budget cuts proposed. Here are our recommendations.

It is clear that the California budget is in crisis, and the issues are clear in Governor Brown’s budget proposals. There are no quick nor easy solutions. We can not simply cut our way out of the crisis; budget cuts and lay offs make the recession worse.

School funding reveals the nature of crisis.  In the last two years the k-12 budget “solutions” have cut 4.6 billion dollars from the schools. We have larger classes and fewer teachers. School reform has stopped- except for the politicians’ speeches. School funding makes up a total of 30% of the state budget. Any crisis in the state budget and any cuts in the state budget will make school budgets worse.

The Arrogance of Some School Superintendents

By Duane Campbell

A New York Times article August 18, 2010, with a Sacramento insert by the Bee’s Diana Lambert, makes the incendiary assertion that some school districts may not spend the just passed $10 Billion dollars on hiring teachers and preventing teacher layoffs.

Let us be clear. This is an budget emergency. That money was passed by the Congress to hire teachers and other staff, not for superintendents to play with, to hide, or to use for their other plans.

Districts should hire the teachers now. The money is on the way. Yes, that leaves a budget problem for next year. But, the kids need a quality school system this year. And, the economy needs these teachers back to work.

Sacramento Bee Editorials Continue to Attack Teacher Unions in Support of SB 1285

By Duane Campbell

The Sacramento Bee editorial writers again attack teachers unions on July 7, 2010 in their support of SB 1285 to alter seniority rules. Lets look at what they  are actually advocating. In low performing schools new teachers, teachers with 1 -3 years of experience would not be laid off. So, more experienced teaches, teachers with 4-6 years of experience would be laid off. There is little gain here.

 It is a tragedy that young teachers will be laid off.  It will impact their lives, their careers, and the future of the schools. But, what are the Bee editorial writers not saying? They are not saying that the national economic crisis produced a fiscal crisis in the states, and in the last two years California has cut over $16 billion from its schools. The financial crisis caused the lay offs, not seniority.

California's High School Drop Out Crisis

By Duane Campbell

California has a Secretary of Education as well as a Superintendent of Public Instruction. The Superintendent organizes the state educational programs and implements state mandates. The Secretary of Education is an advisor to the Governor. The current Secretary is Bonnie Reiss, about the 5th Secretary under Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Secretary Reiss has a letter to the editor in the Sacramento Bee of Tues. June 29, responding to an earlier column by Dan Walters about the state’s persistent high drop out rate. The letter is a classic piece of propaganda.

The California Democracy Act Part of Solution to State Education Budget Cuts, Say Demonstrators

By Duane Campbell

Over  2000 union faculty, students and their supporters rallied at the California State Capitol in Sacramento today in support of adequate funding for public education, both k-12 and higher education. The rally was one of more than 40 events across the state asking people to Stand up for Education. Faculty and students came from U.C. Davis, Santa Cruz, and Berkeley, as well as CSU Sacramento, Chico, and local community colleges.

George Lakoff, well known for his works on framing issues argued for signing petitions for the California Democracy Act which would reduce the requirement to pass a state budget from the current 2/3 vote to a simple majority.