Goldstein, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Goldstein is the president of the California State Park Foundation. With its 95,000 members, the California State Parks Foundation is the only independent nonprofit membership organization dedicated to protecting, enhancing, promoting and advocating for California’s magnificent state parks. For more information about California’s state parks, visit

Ballot Measure to Protect State Parks and Conserve Wildlife

By Elizabeth Goldstein
President, California State Parks Foundation

From vast stretches of sandy beaches to much-needed recreational areas in bustling urban centers, California’s state parks system is the nation’s largest, attracting some 80 million visits a year and making an enormous contribution to the Golden State’s economic and physical health.

California’s 278 state parks were once considered the best in the nation, but the National Trust for Historic Preservation ranked them among the country’s most endangered sites in 2008.

How could such valuable public assets fall so far so fast?