Torrico, Alberto

Alberto Torrico is Majority Leader of the California State Assembly.

Starting Kids Off Right with Universal Preschool

By Assemblymember Alberto Torrico

Fifty-six years ago, Oliver Brown took the Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas all the way to the Supreme Court so his daughter Linda wouldn’t have to walk a mile to her segregated school. Against all odds, and forging a new American era, Mr. Brown and his daughter emerged victorious. This landmark case set the precedent that separate is inherently unequal and that all children deserve access to the same, quality education.  

Today, we face a new type of “separate but unequal.” A recent study showed that only 53 percent of low-income children attend preschool, while 80 percent of children whose families make more than $100,000 get the vital head start preschool provides.  

Evidence has shown that children who attend preschool get a better start in life, become better students in school and are much less likely to be incarcerated for criminal behavior as adults.   

Bass, Torrico Honor Martin Luther King Jr., Say His Legacy Must be Continued

By Assembly Speaker Karen Bass and 
Assembly Majority Leader Alberto Torrico

This Monday, we honor the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Dr. King holds a special place in the hearts of all Californians. 
Because of Dr. King and his courageous leadership, the face of America was forever changed.
He energized African Americans and the poor, giving a voice to those who for too long remained voiceless and overlooked. 
Indeed, through his efforts, countless individuals found the courage to claim their rightful share of America.

Torrico: Legislature Calls for Responsible Budget Instead of Threats from the Governor

By Assemblyman Alberto Torrico

Californians were generally pleased this week at the governor’s tone in his State of the State Address. 
We all want him to have a good last year and wish he could still have a solid legacy.
But while we know he says he wants to be in denial about leaving office, it’s wrong for him to carry denial and wishful thinking over into the budget he released yesterday.
Denial that his budget includes a massive hit to education -- when he pledged just 48 hours ago that he wouldn’t do that.
Denial that he is protecting higher education -- when he includes a loophole so big that Republicans can still force overspending on prisons and underfunding for higher education.
Denial that aspiring to worthy goals means you don't need to offer real solutions – and simply saying “we will spend less on corrections” is a slogan not a solution.

Fast Tracking My Bill to Increase Higher Education Funding

By Assemblymember Alberto Torrico

While California is preparing to go into special session next month to consider legislation to help it receive millions in federal Race to the Top Kindergarten-12 education funds, I'm asking the state to also fast track my bill to provide the community colleges and public universities with more than $1.3 billion.

As we have witnessed from the thousands of students, faculty and staff who marched and protested last week, higher education funding is an urgent matter that demands our action. The Race to the Top will lead to a dead end if we deny California’s high school graduates a chance to pursue a higher education in our own state universities and community colleges.

Investing In California Higher Education Benefits All Californians

Torrico-Alberto.gifBy Alberto Torrico
Assembly Majority Leader

Republicans just don’t get it. The rest of us understand that the worst national recession in our lifetime demands a shared sacrifice. But the right wing Republicans continue to fight for big corporations enjoying record profits.

Take archconservative George Runner. He actually suggested on the conservative blog Flash Report that asking oil companies to pay for tapping a California resource would empower Hugo Chavez. That’s ridiculous, but it’s typical of the GOP’s blind allegiance to big business.