Sutton, Linda

Linda Sutton is a writer, photographer, and educator based in Los Angeles. She was the press coordinator for Gov. Jimmy Carter in '76 and did political media locally thereafter. Following a 20-year hiatus raising daughters, she returned to political activism and is now Co-Chair of Progressive Democrats of Los Angeles. Her present project is expanding "Universal Single Payer Healthcare" forums throughout the region. She produced the public access television show "We Say/They Say" with host Marcy Winograd and the "Gore Vidal on Education" Truth Now radio interview aired in Texas. She writes on various progressive blogs and comments way too often. She was also the co-producer of the 40th AD candidate forums and produced the "HAiR" and "Body of War" fundraisers for Progressive Democrats of America. Photographs are at (but is too busy to update with all political ones).

Arnold's Bathtub

LindaSutton09.jpgby Linda Sutton

With California's Republicans fulfilling their sacred vow to Grover Norquist to stuff government into the bathtub and destroy the most basic services government was meant to provide, California's Democrats, who--by the way--ARE in a majority, are finally standing up to this bully governor.

Throughout this recent highly expensive special election that the Republicans forced upon us, it was obvious that Californians were not buying the lies any longer. Much has been made about how we brought this on ourselves by all the initiatives and bond issues that we've passed. This totally misses the point.