Schim, Jack

Dr. Jack Schim is a neurologist at The Neurology Center in Encinitas and is the chairman of the California chapter of the Alliance for Patient Access (AfPA). AfPA is a national network of over 250 physicians with the shared mission of ensuring and protecting patient access to approved medical treatments and therapies, including prescription pharmaceuticals, biologics, and medical devices.

Health Plans Need To Follow Codes of Conduct

Jack_Schim.jpgBy Dr. Jack Schim
Alliance for Patient Access

What if I were to tell you that your insurance company requires you to fail first on drugs that aren’t approved for your condition before giving you the FDA-approved medication prescribed by your doctor? You’d be outraged. There’s something wrong with the current healthcare system in America and California voters have made it clear that it needs to be fixed.

Health Insurers are engaging in business practices that interfere with the doctor-patient relationship. Whether the practice is “step therapy,” “rescissions,” “forced off-label prescribing,” “therapeutic substitution or switching,” “pay for performance, or just plain ol’ denial of care, these practices are coming under fire due to the violation of numerous civil consumer protection laws.