Smith, Debra A

Debra A. Smith has over twenty-five years experience litigating complex employment discrimination and other civil rights. She began her career with Texas Rural Legal Aid where she litigated class actions against corporate agribusiness and governmental entities on behalf of migrant farmworkers and low income women and minorities. After ten years with legal aid, Debra entered private practice with Saperstein, Goldstein, Demchak and Baller in Oakland, California where she represented mostly women and people of color in class action employment discrimination lawsuits. Debra has been with Equal Rights Advocates since July 2001 where she continues her class action litigation, including co-counseling in the largest sex discrimination class action to date in the United States against Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. which involves more than 1.6 million low wage women workers. ERA and co-counsel recently settled the first sexual harassment class action involving California women employed in an Indian gaming casino against the Las Vegas-based corporation that managed the casino.

The Hypocrisy of Allan Mansoor on Campaign Finance Reform

By Steve Smith
California Labor Federation

Assemblymember Allan Mansoor (R-Costa Mesa), elected in 2010, has so far made a career out of demonizing workers and attacking workers’ rights. From collective bargaining to pensions, Mansoor never saw a cherished worker right he didn’t hate. Last year, he even took time to honor anti-union Midwest legislators, whom he calls “courageous” and with whom he stands “in solidarity.”