Idelson, Chuck

Chuch Idelson is the Communications Director for the California Nurses Association and National Nurses Organizing Committee

Ebola: Support Nurses, Urge President and Congress to Protect Workers

By Chuck Idelson

National Nurses Union

We are in the midst of the worst Ebola epidemic in history-- over 4,500 deaths globally and now two U.S. nurses are infected. RNs from Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital where Ebola victim Thomas Duncan died describe a chaotic and unprepared environment where workers and patients were not adequately protected. "There was no advanced preparedness on what to do with the patient. There was no protocol. There was no system."

Nurses Call on U.S. Hospitals to Better Prepare for Ebola

By Chuck Idelson

National Nurses United

Following reports that a Dallas hospital failed to hospitalize a patient infected with the Ebola virus and failed to properly communicate essential information to caregivers about his health status, National Nurses United is stepping up the call on U.S. hospitals to immediately upgrade emergency preparations for Ebola in the U.S.

An Alternative to Austerity? Thousands Say "Tax Wall Street"

By Chuck Idelson
National Nurses United

They came, they danced, they marched, 2,000 people spirited and strong, Robin Hood's merry band of men and women, through the streets of Washington April 20.

Ending up astride a prominent government building, christened with a new name and a naming ceremony. No more U.S. Treasury, now, the banner declared, "The U.S. Treasury. A Citigroup Subsidiary. Jack Lew, Inc., CEO."

"We could end AIDS, reverse climate change, fund jobs and health care. Who do you work for Secretary Lew?" asked Jennifer Flynn, managing director of Health GAP (Global Action Project). "You work for the people, not Wall Street."

Healthcare Bill Cedes Too Much to Insurance Industry

By Deborah Burger
California Nurses Association/National Nurses United

Note: This article was issued on behalf of the three Co-presidents of National Nurses United (NNU), Deborah Burger, Karen Higgins, and Jean Ross.

The 150,000 member National Nurses United, the nation’s largest union and professional organization of registered nurses in the U.S., criticized the healthcare bill now advancing in the U.S. Senate saying it is deeply flawed and grants too much power to the giant insurers.

It is tragic to see the promise from Washington this year for genuine, comprehensive reform ground down to a seriously flawed bill that could actually exacerbate the healthcare crisis and financial insecurity for American families, and that cedes far too much additional power to the tyranny of a callous insurance industry.