Samuels, Bob

Bob Samuels is the President of UC-AFT. The University Council-AFT is the governance body of the nine campus locals of lecturers and librarians employed by the UC system. This entry originally appeared at: . Used by permission.

Understanding the History and Structure of the UC Budget

By Bob Samuels

Virtually every representation of the UC budget is either misguided or misinformed because people do not understand the history and structure of this complicated funding system. The first thing to stress is that as the state has reduced its commitment to the university, the system has sought multiple sources of revenue, which, in turn, have expanded the missions of the campuses. On a most basic level, the reduction of state funding has resulted in an increase in tuition and a growing emphasis on externally funded research and auxiliaries like housing, dining, parking, extension, summer, and medical services. Thus, when the administration states that student fees are now threatening to surpass state funding, one can read this as either indicating a loss of state funding or as an increase in non-state funding, like tuition.