A Powerful Coalition, Not a Bad Economy, Defeated Boone Pickens’ California Prop 10

R.Holober-2005.gif By Richard Holober
Executive Director
Consumer Federation of California

Anticipating the post-election day spin coming from T Boone Pickens’ flaks, let’s make one thing perfectly clear: The defeat of Proposition 10 was not due to a sour voter mood regarding the economy.

On the contrary, California voters proved remarkably bullish in spite of the economy and the state’s budget woes, approving three bond measures that will cost the state $23 billion to pay back. This is more than double the $10 billion price tag for Prop 10.

Californians approved Prop 1A (High Speed Rail), Prop 3 (Children's Hospitals) and Prop 12 (Veterans Housing). The costliest, Prop 1A, will cost $19 billion, and won with 52%. Voters trounced Prop 10, which garnered only 40% support.