Kalmijn, Jelger

Jelger Kalmijn is President of the University Professional and Technical Employees (UPTE) Communication Workers of America 9119 . Leland Yee is a California State Senator representing District 8 (San Francisco/San Mateo)

UC President and Regents Are Dismantling a Great Academic Institution

By Jelger Kalmijn
University Professional and Technical Employees, UPTE-CWA   

The achievements of UC faculty, staff and graduates would be a list too long to recount and too prodigious to measure. We have reaped abundant results from the seeds laid by The Master Plan for Education adopted in the 1960’s. Using the current state budget shortfall for cover, the new regime at the helm of UC seeks to undo this visionary public policy in order to turn a quick profit.

This week, the strike by the research and technical workers in UPTE-CWA at UC Berkeley combined with a student and faculty walkout and planned protests at the Regents meeting in Los Angeles show escalating discontent with UC President Mark Yudof and the Regent’s new corporate-oriented vision for UC.