Harrison, Lakesha

AFSCME local 3299 represents 17,000 workers at the University of California. Our union represents workers from every UC facility in the state, including the ten campuses, five medical centers, agricultural and marine research stations, and all other facilities that employ UC workers. Lakesha Harrison is president of AFSCME local 3299

California Deserves Better Than Yudof's Failed Leadership

By Lakesha Harrison
President AFSCME 3299

Executives revel in taxpayer-backed bonuses while front-line workers suffer layoffs and wage cuts. Ordinary people see their livelihoods diminished and their children’s futures eroded while the corner office club gets richer. Costs increase for consumers though they get less value in return.   

These were the stories you heard following the fallout on Wall Street during the meltdown of AIG and Lehman Brothers. But now they’re just as applicable to result of the misplaced priorities of the University of California under UC President Mark Yudof.