Lieu, Ted

Assemblymember Ted Lieu is Chair of the California Assembly Rules Committee and the author of the California Foreclosure Prevention Act that some are calling one of the most comprehensive and important new laws in the country to stem the tide of foreclosures. Recently signed by Governor Schwarzenegger, the California Foreclosure Prevention Act will impose a 90 day foreclosure moratorium unless a lender offers a comprehensive loan modification program designed to keep people in their homes.

The Revolution Will NOT Be Televised – So Orders the Court!

By Assemblymember Ted Lieu

The goal of the American civil justice system is to seek justice. The Supreme Court’s decision to censor the public broadcast of the historic trial to reverse California’s Proposition 8 amounts to a fear of too much justice. Our courts are not star chambers, where testimony and rulings are made in secret and hidden from the public.  

The Court majority’s rationale that broadcasting this trial will result in “irreparable harm” has no basis in fact.  The Court states that witnesses may suffer harm because they are concerned about possible “harassment” if the public actually found out what they will say under oath. Under that rationale, the Court should seal the transcript of this entire proceeding, not allow any non-witness to attend the proceeding, and block newspapers from reporting on this trial.  

Can Instant Run Off Voting Save Us from Our Budget Madness?

Ted Lieu.jpgTed W. Lieu
California State Assembly Rules Committee

Gautam Dutta, Esq.
Deputy Director
Political Reform Program
The New America Foundation

California faces a crater-size, $24 billion deficit - and we're about to throw away millions more on three elections we don't need. But here's the good news: If we adopt Instant Runoff Voting, or IRV, for special elections, we can save that amount and more.
With IRV, taxpayers could save nearly $2 million July 14 (fittingly, Bastille Day).

On May 19, barely 18 percent of voters participated in a special election to replace Hilda Solis, who gave up her 32nd Congressional District seat to become labor secretary. Eight Democrats, three Republicans and one Libertarian ran in this contentious race.

California Must Lead on Green Building

Ted Lieu.jpgBy Assemblymember Ted Lieu

Development of statewide green building standards that reduce consumption of fossil fuels and improve quality of life for building occupants is essential for our state’s future.

Facilitating green building is one of the best things California can do to fight climate change. We have the technology, we know green buildings save money, and we know that the built environment is the biggest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions.

To date, California has been a leader in applying environmentally-friendly technologies towards the construction of buildings so they reduce greenhouse gasses, promote usage of alternative energy sources, and conserve precious water.

Green building construction is very innovative and directed towards one of the largest consumers of energy. According to the Natural Resources Defense Council, buildings account for 40% of the energy usage in California and almost 40% of potable water consumption.