Ortiz, Deborah

Deborah Ortiz is a former State Senator who served California’s 6th District from 1998 to 2006 after serving two years in the Assembly. She was also author of Cal Grant Scholarship Guarantee Program.

Cal Grant Program is Vital to the Education of Underprivileged Students

62-portrait_ortiz_large.gif By Former Senator Deborah Ortiz

Nearly 10 years ago, I authored SB 1644 that guaranteed Cal Grant Scholarships to California’s neediest students. Today I am very concerned that in the heat of the budget battle, California’s highly successful system of financial aid delivery and outreach to our most vulnerable students will be dismantled.

The Legislature wisely rejected Governor Schwarzenegger’s proposal to eliminate the Cal Grant program and instead proposed limited cuts to the amount of the grants. Yet California’s landmark program -- that guarantees financial assistance to low-income students who worked hard to meet college admission requirements -- is still very much at risk of being dismantled.