Hauge, Scott

Scott Hauge, a small business owner, is founder and president of Small Business California, an organization representing over 4,000 businesses. He was named Small Business Advocate of the Year 2007 by the National Small Business Association (NSBA).

Delaying Actions on State Climate Change Regulations Would Undermine California's Small Businesses

scott_hauge.jpgScott Hauge
Small Business California

It is interesting, as a small businessman, to watch large industry weigh in on my behalf. Over the past several months, claiming to act in the best interests of small business, big business has actively lobbied to delay action on climate change. Implementing California’s Clean Energy and Climate Security Plan, they exclaim, will hit small businesses hardest. Their evidence? Projected economic impacts based on assumptions like there will be no future clean technology innovation. Unfortunately, you can find any economic projection to meet your special interest need if you pay enough. As a businessman, I cannot balance my budgets with models. Instead, I look to historical data to inform my view of the current debate.