Lewis, David

David Lewis is the Executive Director of Save the Bay

Opposition Mounts to Cargill's Redwood City Salt Pond Plan

By David Lewis
, Save The Bay

Minnesota-based agribusiness giant Cargill's plan to build a new city on more than 1,400 acres of restorable Bayfront salt ponds in Redwood City is being met with growing opposition. In May 2009, Cargill's development partner, Arizona-based luxury home builder DMB Associates, submitted its proposal to fill the salt ponds with up to 12,000 units of housing. Environmentalists widely agree that Cargill's massive development is the biggest current threat to the Bay. And in the past few months the opposition has rapidly spread far beyond a broad environmental base to include industry, neighboring cities and a candidate for the California Assembly. 

Housing Does Not Belong in the Bay

david_lewisl.jpgBy David Lewis
Executive Director,
Save The Bay

Rampant development had shrunk San Francisco Bay by one-third before a citizen revolution halted the destruction 50 years ago, and now the whole region cherishes the natural treasure we’ve protected and restored. But every few years another misguided developer proposes to fill in the Bay, and the latest arrogant plan is a whopper.
On the edge of Redwood City is the largest unprotected stretch of restorable Bay shoreline, 40 percent larger than Golden Gate Park. Once thriving Bay wetlands, these 1,433 acres were diked off from tidal action to create salt evaporation ponds now owned by agri-business giant Cargill Inc.