Jensen, Chris

Chris Jensen is the Advocate/Community Organizer for Resources for Independent Living (RIL), a non-profit agency promoting the socio-economic independence of persons with disabilities by providing peer-supported, consumer-directed independent living services and advocacy. We serve both Sacramento, and Yolo counties. Chris is also a catechist at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament in Sacramento, CA.

Dissent Needed Against Injustices of Budget Cuts

chris_jensen.jpgBy Chris Jensen
Advocate/ Community Organizer
Resources for Independent Living

The greatest crime against Democracy isn’t opposition to one’s government. It is complacency and apathy towards one’s government. When a citizen sees his or her government create an injustice, it is their duty, their responsibility to stand up against that injustice.

Currently our governor and some members of our legislature are bringing forward a plan to solve our states economic crisis. These democratically elected officials are proposing to balance our state’s budget using cuts only to state funded programs.

This will create an injustice to our senior citizens, who have spent their lives supporting our states prosperity. They deserve to be honored, not punished during this time of their lives.