Huffman, Jared

Jared Huffman represents Marin and Sonoma counties in the California State Assembly. Before his election, as a senior attorney for the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and as president of the Marin Municipal Water District Board of Directors, Assemblyman Huffman worked to protect Marin County’s creeks, fisheries and drinking water. He is Chair of the Assembly Committee on Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials.

Fighting for Relief for Californians in Pain

By Assemblymember Jared Huffman

An Iraq war veteran suffering with chronic pain. A mother with fibromyalgia. A teenager with Lupus. The US Pain Foundation this week brings its traveling photo exhibit, The INvisible Project, to the Capitol in Sacramento to help raise awareness of those living with painful conditions, and to chronicle the day-to-day experiences of pain survivors.

A troubling and dangerous emergent trend in health care is health plans denying coverage to policy holders for proven and effective pain treatments. Every day in California, patients suffering from severe and often crippling chronic pain – rheumatoid arthritis, MS, lupus, nerve damage, and diabetes-related pain, among many others – walk into a doctor’s office seeking respite and relief. The doctor determines the most effective course of treatment and writes a prescription. And every day, patients in pain are denied the treatments they need by health insurers who have introduced significant barriers to access.

Assemblymember Huffman: Legislation Does Not Support Peripheral Canal

Jared-Huffman.jpg By Jared Huffman
California State Assemblymember

In response to the California Progress Report’s article from Tuesday July 28, 2009, Assemblymember Jared Huffman has issued the following statement in which he responds to claims that his legislation supports the creation of a peripheral canal.

In all the debate about the Delta, I want to make one fact clear at the outset: My Assembly Bill 39 – in either its current form or the soon-to-be-released full form – does NOT authorize, "argue for" or "call for" construction of the Peripheral Canal.