Burger, Deborah

Deborah Burger, RN is co-president of the California Nurses Association, and National Nurses United, the nation's largest union of registered nurses.

What The Democrats Could Be Saying To The Joe Miller Republicans

By Deborah Burger
California Nurses Association

Republican candidates from coast to coast are fond of branding their opponents the Nancy Pelosi Democrats. Maybe it’s time to talk about the Joe Miller Republicans.

Miller is the Sarah Palin-backed Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Alaska who toppled incumbent Republican Lisa Murkowski because she was not conservative enough.  Miller gained notoriety, in part, by proposing elimination of two of the most popular reforms in U.S. history, Social Security and Medicare, and calling unemployment insurance “unconstitutional”.

Even after his primary upset, Miller did not change his tune. Asked by CNN’s John King September 1 if someone born today should “grow up in an America where there is not a federal Social Security program if you got your way,” Miller replied, “absolutely.”

Taxing Healthcare Benefits Will Harm My Patients

By Deborah Burger, RN
National Nurses United

The nation’s largest union and professional organization of registered nurse—National Nurses United (NNU)--is today calling on House members to hold the line in opposing a tax on workers’ healthcare benefits], and called for other changes in the final healthcare legislation to expand affordability and crack down on insurance industry abuses. 
It is unconscionable that workers and families with employer-sponsored health plans, who receive virtually no benefits from the proposed legislation, would have their health coverage taxed and seriously eroded. 

So...What About Single-Payer and SB 810?

By Deborah Burger, RN
California Nurses Association

Does passage of a bill that funnels millions of additional Americans into the private insurance system, and the decision of House leaders to shut down debate on one single payer amendment and scuttle another, mean the end of the years of efforts by single payer activists to win the most comprehensive reform of all?

Does it mean the end of SB 810, even once Governor Schwarzenegger has wandered off the stage?

For the nation's nurses and the many grassroots activists, the answer is clearly no.  And we've got work to do.

So...What about single-payer and SB 810?

Healthcare Memo: Don’t Mourn, Escalate

0504_DeborahBurger_055_w.gifDeborah Burger, R.N.
President of the California Nurses Assn.

There's a fundamental lesson in collective bargaining that seems to have been lost on the White House, and those in Congress who devised their failing strategy on healthcare reform:

Don't make all your compromises before you walk in the room.

For all those now wringing their hands over the apparent abandonment of the public option dissecting the train wreck of the once promising opportunity for genuine healthcare reform, it's time to ask: what happened? who could have foreseen that semi barreling down the highway? and what do we do now?