Cox, Rory

Rory Cox is California Program Director at Pacific Environment, an organization dedicated to protecting the living environment of the Pacific Rim.

Shift in US Natural Gas Market Will Hobble Economy, Harm Environment

By Rory Cox
Pacific Environment

Little noticed by most outside the energy business, the US is currently undergoing a seismic shift for the worse in its energy policy. This shift threatens to kick the cane out from under our hobbled, creaking economy, harming domestic manufacturing while also removing a critical piece of the puzzle in making progress towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Currently, the US energy grid has a strong strategic advantage in that there are plentiful natural gas reserves in North America. Natural gas is what supplies most of California’s energy grid, and increasingly is replacing coal plants in the US. It is supplied through a network of pipelines. This is different than, for instance, Japan, which relies on natural gas imports delivered by ship from around the world. While Japan pays upwards to $14 per unit for natural gas, the US’s unique situation means we’ve been paying much less—currently, natural gas sells for as little as $3 per unit.

PG&E’s Big Fossil Play in Oregon

Rory001.jpg By Rory Cox
California Program Director
Pacific Environment