Nowick , Irwin

Since the mid 1980's Irwin Nowick has worked for the California State Assembly and State Senate on a plethora of policy issues, most notably firearms legislation. He has been described as "The Assembly's resident genius" by a former Speaker of the Assembly and is seen frequently in the Capitol hallways and offices assisting legislators in drafting and amending pending legislation.

Will the NRA Stand up for its Members of Color in Arizona When Gun Confiscations Occur?

By Irwin Nowick

Before I explain why guns are an issue in the new Arizona immigration law, I wanted to make a few personal and political points before I get into a legal discussion of the Arizona Immigration Law.  As was the case with the insurance comments of last week, the views expressed here are my own – though I have no doubt that the late Dr. Cavala would agree with the political observations.  What exactly that law encompasses changed on Friday because in what may rival one of the “gut and amend” specials that often occur of necessity in this State, the Arizona Law in SB 1070 was rewritten in Arizona HB 2162 which Governor Jan Brewer signed on Friday.

Why There is No Constitutional Infirmity in the Health Care Package

By Irwin Nowick

It was suggested that I give my legal analysis as to the legal issues surrounding the insurance mandate in the health care package that President Obama recently signed into law. In making this analysis, I want to emphasize that the views stated are my own and not given in any official capacity. As to the detailed policy specifics of the package, I will leave that to others.

If you cut to the heart of legal issues on this, the real fight is over the so-called “individual mandate” which is a misnomer.   Rather, the final package includes a provision that persons who do not have insurance and are able to afford insurance have to pay an additional income tax for choosing to go bare.  For the reasons noted below, this program with the “mandate” is one Congress can enact.

The Public Option for California

Irwin-Nowick.gifBy Irwin Nowick
Some thoughts on the Public Option and what the history of private party transactions on firearms teaches – it’s less the phrase and more the details.

With all the discussion of health care – and the issue is really an issue of how to pay for health care – without cross-subsidization and the like, I wanted to give my thoughts on how people should look at this in a realistic manner.