Bass, Karen

Karen Bass is Speaker of the California Assembly.

Bass Responds to Governor’s Budget Proposal

By Assemblywoman Karen Bass

Democrats are supportive of the governor’s call for a better return on the dollars we send Washington, but budget threats the Governor usually aims at the Legislature should not be turned to the President of the United States.

Leaders should approach the federal government from a point of collaboration and all options should be on the table to address the budget deficit.

The governor said that if California doesn’t receive $8 billion dollars from the federal government, he will push for draconian budget cuts to our safety net. He also called on our congressional delegation to vote against the health care reform we so desperately need in our country. It’s important we begin the challenging year ahead with cooperation, not a combative, contradictory tone.

Karen Bass, Joe Coto Lay Out Path for Progress in New Decade

By Assembly Speaker Karen Bass
and Assemblyman Joe Coto

This week begins a new decade that brings the promise of renewed progress.

The economy is showing signs of recovery and significant healthcare reforms are underway.

This of course comes after significant challenges for the nation and California in particular.

Our state revenues have plummeted, forcing tens of billions of dollars in budget cuts over the past few years. We’ve had $60 billion in deficits to deal with this last year alone.

Too many Californians still can’t find work and too many are still threatened with home foreclosure.