Rep. Lungren: Stand Up For Families, Say NO to Wall Street Giveaways

Posted on 16 May 2012

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By Jefferson McGee

Last week, I heard that Republican leaders in Congress, led by Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, are pushing a plan to give more huge tax breaks to Wall Street, CEOs and the richest 1% of Americans.  And how do they plan to pay for these unfair giveaways?  With budget cuts against workers, the unemployed, seniors and many more millions of families in the 99%, like me and my kids.

I thought, don’t they know what families are going through?  Don’t they know we’ve had enough of a tax system that takes from ordinary families to give more to the rich?

Those are the questions I went to ask my congressman, Rep. Dan Lungren.  I wanted to know if he stands with the 99% in his district who are struggling to keep the lights on and put food on the table, or whether he stands with the 1% who want more special tax carve-outs and loopholes the rest of us don’t get.  From someone who was elected to serve us, I expected good answers to these questions and others from dozens of other frustrated community members and constituents who visited his Gold River office on Thursday.

But all we got from Representative Lungren's staff person was blank stares when we shared how the Paul Ryan “Millionaire Tax Giveaway” budget would negatively impact our District.   

We wanted to tell our stories, but Lungren’s staff couldn’t have been less interested.  She told us to come back later, when Lungren has Town Halls this summer.  

But the issue of the nation’s budget can’t wait, and the families of our district can’t wait.  Ryan is pushing his horrible budget through the Congress now.  Sadly, Lungren’s office made clear he couldn’t care less about the 99%.

How much more do they want to squeeze out of us? I’m a real estate broker.  Much of my business has been severely impacted by the housing bubble burst and ongoing Recession. Most of my clients are gone, I’ve had to downsize my home, and I’m struggling to support my four children.

Rep. Dan Lungren needs to vote against giving huge tax breaks to Wall Street, CEOs and the richest 1% of Americans. These new tax cuts are an additional $150,000 gift for anyone earning over $1 million a year. These aren’t the people in this country who are hurting! How does anyone think this is a good idea?

Lungren would bear responsibility for the $4.6 trillion in tax giveaways to large corporations and the wealthy included in this terrible proposal. I’ve had enough, and I’m going to continue to stand up to politicians who don’t have my family and my community’s best interests at heart.


Jefferson has worked as a real estate agent for over 20 years. He grew up in Sacramento and has raised his four children there.

Lundgren is a loyal Republican in the House run by the Tea Party. He goes along all the time. Time to get rid of him. Don't buy his "nice guy" spin when his votes are "not nice".

Everyone in Congress are ALL on the take. From who? LOBBYist. Lobbying has always been part of POLITICS. It is a LEGAL means to influences Politician to do what is right when they are being adviced to do what is wrong, particularly when Congress has no knowlege of the subject matter. THAT IS FINE when lobbyist are trying to educate them.

BUT when "MONEY" is the primary motivation and influence, then that is the "carrot" and stick system that often get them in trouble and in a dillema they are in with the "Special Interest" with Money versus the VOTERS with their TAX Contribution, that pays for their services as a public Servant.

THAT IS A CONFLICT of INTEREST. Promises paid versus Public Duty to serve the interest of the public at large.

That 200 years of political culture has not kept abreast with the current political reality. Public is more aware and more educated regardless how--through academic or self-education. THAT IS WHAT TECHNOLOGY brought to bare.

People of CALIFORNIA has proven THAT "money" is only an object that limited Capitalist minds can understand. Remember, MEG WHITMAN? MONEY enriched only those she paid as a tool for her campaign as Governor. It didn't BUY the votes of the California voters. Educated people backfired at the ignorant politicians and out of touch Capitalist.

THE MORE PEOPLE ARE HURT and the LONGER the PAIN is endured, it just another reminder why they should vote and change the way politicians operate in our State Capitol. It embolden them to UNITE and defeat those who does not serve on the peoples' interest.