An Open Letter To My Fellow Democratic Delegates: Vote for Change, Vote Winograd

Posted on 16 April 2010

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By Don Goldmacher
Democratic Delegate

After the 2004 election, many rank and file Democrats decided we needed to be part of the state Democratic party structures both in California and across the country, to insure that our party truly reflected the hopes and dreams of the rank and file voter.

I was among those elected from the 14th AD. Our goal was to bring the Democratic party back to its roots as the party that favored ordinary people, and not the huge multinational corporations that have dominated and distorted our democracy for the past 30 years.

As we approach this weekend in Los Angeles to endorse candidates, pass resolutions, and put forward a platform for our party and candidates, there is one particular race that is catching both state and national attention. It is the race between blue dog incumbent Congressional Democrat, Jane Harman, and Marcy Winograd, a member of Progressive Democrats of America.

The contrast between these two women and their positions facing our country could not be more stark. They stand diametrically opposed on the issues that all Democrats care deeply about. Ms. Harman represents all that has gone awry in the Democratic Party, favoring the rich and the powerful at the expense of the rest of us, supporting wars in the Middle East, defending the Bush Administration's warrantless wiretapping program, and backing policies that transfer wealth upward to those who need it least.

By contrast, Ms. Winograd has called for withdrawal from the war in Afghanistan, a focus on creating jobs for those who have lost them in the Great Recession, an end to foreclosures, public financing of elections, and has refused to accept corporate donations to her campaign.

To those that argue that only Harman is positioned to beat the Republican opponent come November, all one must do is consult the District's demographics, and the 18 point advantage Democrats have in party membership. Furthermore, the progressive Democratic base will be mobilized by the Winograd candidacy like no other congressional race in the state.

It is ironic that we must look to a Republican president, Dwight Eisenhower, to shine light on what we are currently facing in our politics, and how it bears direct relevance to this race. He warned of the dangers of the growing military-indutrial-congressional complex and the impact it was having on our democracy. How prescient! Jane Harman is the epitome of what President Eisenhower warned us against in 1960.

It is time for Democrats to stand up to both the corporations, and to what can only be described as a radicalized and dangerous Republican Party that is kowtowing to an increasingly reactionary and anti-government base. We can no longer afford to tolerate excuses for why the Democrats cannot pass the peoples' agenda of economic and financial reform, health reform with a public option/Medicare for All, a dramatic reduction in the military budget, and a Marshall plan for Green Energy, etc.

So as you get ready to vote on Sunday morning to decide who to endorse in a race that has so many implications, ask yourself these questions.

Are you satisfied with the status quo?

Is the current makeup of Congress sufficiently progressive and does it adequately meet the needs of Main Street, homeowners, union members, and the only planet we have?

If you want real change that many of us voted for, then vote for Marcy Winograd Sunday morning.


Donald Goldmacher (President of PsychComp Associates) is both a psychiatrist and a filmmaker. He has served as director of Planning for the California Department of Health, and was the director of Mental Health, Alcohol, and Drug Abuse Services of Contra Costa County, CA. Don is in the process of completing a new documentary film called Heist, which  tells the story of how corporations and their political allies in Congress, orchestrated the greatest theft in history -- the robbery of Americans' prosperity, savings, and retirement security.

I have been a Democrat for 64 years; and I'm very unhappy that my party has not ended the two wars and has not balanced the budget-- as was done under Clinton. So, I'm pleased to read that Ms. Winograd wants to do end the wars. I hope she wins. Any Democratic member of congress who does not support immediate end of the wars, nor does not work to balance the budget should not be re-elected.