The Numbers Tell The Story

Posted on 29 July 2010

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By Dr. Ami Bera
Candidate for Congress, District 3

182,000,000 gallons. That’s how much oil scientists estimate spewed into the Gulf during the BP catastrophe. It’s enough oil to cover San Francisco, Oakland and Berkley.

The oil is visible from space. It covers 400 miles of coastline across two states. It’s permeated fragile marsh ecosystems. The initial explosion killed 11 workers.

$82,000. That’s the amount of money my opponent, Congressman Lungren, has taken in campaign contributions from oil companies. Money from Chevron, from Exxon, and yes, even from BP.

$2.6 billion. That’s the amount of money Lungren voted to give Big Oil in tax breaks.
These numbers speaks for themselves, but they don’t tell the whole story. Lungren is also one of the leading supporters of offshore drilling – in fact he’s on camera stating his support for drilling in the Gulf, in the Atlantic, and, even off the coast of California (watch the video here).

Congressman Lungren thinks we can drill off the coast of California “safely.” He thinks we can have offshore drilling “without environmental degradation.” He thinks we “should drill here, in the United States” and that we should “drill now.” 

The sad truth is that Dan is more concerned about his corporate campaign contributors than protecting the people of California. If I’m elected, I’ll fight for energy policy that protects our environment and puts us on the path to sustainable development (read our energy plan here).

I support greater fuel standards for cars and trucks, retrofitting our buildings and homes to increase energy efficiency, and incentivizing development of wind and solar power. By taking these steps, we can both protect our planet and create millions of good paying jobs in renewable energy.

And most importantly, I’ll stand up to Big Oil and vote no on offshore drilling. As the BP catastrophe has shown us, the potential for disaster is simply too high. Instead of more drilling, we should be focusing on new forms of green energy that move us further and faster towards our goals of environmental sustainability, economic prosperity, and national security.

1 minute. That’s how long it will take you to vote to elect a congressman who cares about the people of California, not Big Oil. If you’d like more information about our campaign, and our energy plan, please visit our website at


Dr. Bera is the democratic candidate running for Congress in California's 3rd district, and formerly a Dean of Admissions at U.C. Davis Medical School. A lifelong Californian, Dr. Bera and his wife, Janine, have lived in Elk Grove for the past 15 years and have a 12 year old daughter, Sydra.