Noteworthy Website - UC Solidarity

Posted on 18 November 2009

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From the Executive Editor - The redesigned California Progress Report website eliminated a homepage item "Site of the Day" that appeared on the prior CPR site. We will continue to bring to our readers' attention informative websites that might interest you.  Contact us If you would like us to consider a site to feature.

The unprecedented assault on public higher education in California has spawned a resistance movement that includes on-line advocacy. One such website is UC Solidarity.

It describes its purpose as "a website that aims to share information, coordinate action and build a movement to defend and expand public education, economic justice, and democracy in the UC system. Groups organizing specifically around the budget cuts on all UC campuses are invited to contribute content to the website. Each group will be able to post action alerts, news articles, press releases, and opinion pieces to the site, and will also be able create informational pages about their own organization. Our goal is to provide a hub of information and means of communication for groups and citizens interested in working together on the issues of public education, economic justice, and democracy in the UC system."

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Yes it really looks good. I have never seen a direct social portal for issues like public education, economic justice, and democracy.