Democrats Highlight Importance of Balanced Budget Approach to Protect Jobs, Schools, & Safety

Posted on 16 April 2011

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By Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield

SACRAMENTO – In this Democratic Weekly Radio Address, Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield (D-San Fernando Valley) Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee, discusses legislative Democrats’ leadership in taking actions to solve the state’s budget deficit.  Assembly Democrats will meet with educators, business leaders, and public safety officials in an effort to promote a balanced budget approach, which protects jobs, schools, public safety, and local governments. Blumenfield urges Republicans to work with Democrats on a sensible budget solution.  Blumenfield concludes stating that “Our people and businesses are counting on us to work together for the greater good.”

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Hello, this is Assembly Budget Chair Bob Blumenfield of the San Fernando Valley with an important update about your state budget.

California’s economy is beginning to rebound.  So, as the Legislature works to balance the remainder of the budget deficit before the June 15th deadline, our efforts must carefully avoid disrupting much needed job growth.

Here’s what we know. We have already approved 14 billion dollars in solutions to close what was a $26 billion budget gap.  With more work to be done to balance our budget and create jobs, a few things are clear.

It’s clear that we must have an honest debate about our state’s priorities and balancing the budget.  That starts with abandoning a budget myth that we can balance the budget only through cuts.  Such a budget would devastate our schools and public safety.  That is why there is virtually no support for a cuts-only budget among Californians or in the Legislature, even among Republicans.  So, our discussion about budget solutions must focus on a balanced approach, including revenues.

It’s also clear that the people of California must have a say in the budget process.  This is why Assembly Democrats will be traveling across the state to make the case that our approach to balancing the budget is the one that protects California’s values.  Our approach will protect schools from billions in cuts and to keep cops on the streets and fire stations open.  Our approach will protect local governments already facing drastic budget crises.  And, most importantly, our approach is necessary to prevent thousands of job losses for teachers, cops, firefighters, and other Californians.

There are only about 60 days to close the remainder of the deficit in a way that protects jobs and our economic recovery.  This responsibility is shared by every member of the Legislature.  That is why we called on our Republican colleagues to work with us on a budget solution or produce a plan of their own before the end of the month.

For months, Republicans have sat silently on the sidelines when their duty calls on them to help balance the budget.  They all took an oath to serve their constituents.  And, right now, nothing is more important than fixing our budget.

It’s time for Republican legislators to take seriously their responsibility to help solve this budget crisis.  Our budget problems affect all of us regardless of where we live, our age, or our political beliefs.  Our people and businesses are counting on us to work together for the greater good.

This has been Assemblymember Bob Blumenfield from the San Fernando Valley.  Thank you very much for listening.


Assemblymember Blumenfield is Chair of the Assembly Budget Committee. He represents California's 40th District.

Education and other state programs have complained that their programs will be decimated with the $8 billion cut from the budget--and they claim that, if the tax increase doesn't go through, it will be worse--Armagedon. They give no proof of how they have spent their money in the past. Also, no evidence presented why they need more mone. Each year they come forth and ask for more money. Based on these dream requests, the legislators (whom, by the way, they have put into office with their union money) sheepishly place those figures into the budget planning.They then bad mouth those few legislators who are against more spending.