Southard, Marv

Dr. Southard is Director of the Los Angeles Department of Mental Health.

Teen Moms and Their Babies Get Boost from Prop. 63

By Dr. Marv Southard
Los Angeles Dept. of Mental Health

Two-year old Brandon wasn’t born when voters passed the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in 2004.  But it was young people like Brandon that State Senator Darrell Steinberg had in mind when he spearheaded the groundbreaking initiative known as Proposition 63.  

On Wednesday Senator Steinberg saw firsthand how Prop. 63 has made a difference in the lives of California families when he visited Mamas con Bebes, a highly successful program for at-risk teenage mothers funded by the voter-approved initiative.  

“It makes my heart happy to see Prop. 63 in action,” the Senator said, as he met Brandon and his mom Camille.