Scher, Bill

Bill Scher is online editor for Campaign for America's Future, author of “Wait! Don't Move To Canada!: A Stay-and-Fight Strategy to Win Back America”, a contributor to The Huffington Post and, and a fellow of the Commonweal Institute.

Democrats Methodically Stripping Republicans Of Immigration Excuses

By Bill Scher

Throughout the immigration debate, Republicans have run phony excuses for delay, Democrats keep stripping them away, and the process keeps moving forward.

Last June when the Senate was deliberating immigration reform, and Republicans were complaining that it didn’t do enough border security, Democratic Sen. Charles Schumer’s team suggested a multibillion-dollar “border surge.”

The deadlock was broken and the bill passed with a solid bipartisan vote.

Then House Republicans rejected the Senate’s “comprehensive” approach and signaled its preference for a series of “piecemeal” bills – without explaining their desire to delink any legalization of undocumented immigrants with other aspects of immigration reform.

Will DeMarco Hear The Drumbeat?

By Bill Scher
Campaign for America's Future

From progressive activists to mortgage bankers to Wall Street traders, the drumbeat is getting louder and louder for Federal Housing Finance Agency Acting Director Edward DeMarco to end his resistance and act to end the housing crisis by allowing principal to be reduced for struggling homeowners with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac mortgages.

You may have already read at about the push from the Congressional Progressive Caucus, urging DeMarco to act or be removed. It was backed up by the new America Underwater partnership between progressive grassroots groups Rebuild the Dream and the New Bottom Line.

Has "ObamaCare" Begun The Undoing Of The Republican Party?

 By Bill Scher

The President's health reform law has mostly been considered a political liability for him and his party, especially since it failed to keep Congress in control of the Democrats.

But the events of the past few days suggests Republicans are experiencing an internal meltdown -- crumbling under the pressure to offer a conservative solution to the health care crisis, and flailing to explain why Republicans are so hysterical about a health reform law based on what were Republican ideas.

First, presidential candidate Mitt Romney was widely mocked for a health care speech eloquently making the case for the central feature of his Massachusetts reform law -- the individual mandate to buy insurance -- then nonsensically assailing the President's reform law which is based on the exact same thing.