Obegi, Doug

Doug Obegi works on water policy at the Natural Resources Defense Council.

Oppose the "State Water Rights Repeal Act" (H.R. 1837)

By Doug Obegi
Natural Resources Defense Council

This week, the House is scheduled to vote on “State Water Rights Repeal Act” (H.R. 1837). This bill would devastate California’s rivers, the Bay-Delta estuary, our fisheries and wildlife, and the jobs and communities that depend on their health. The legislation is opposed by the State of California, California’s two Senators, more than 10 members of the state’s House delegation, the leaders of both state legislative houses, and literally hundreds of commercial and recreational fishing associations, environmental groups, water districts, local governments, and farmers. See here for more information about those who oppose this bill.

Here’s a quick rundown on some of this radical bill’s most harmful provisions.

Delta Fish Populations Rebound, Vindicating Department of Interior Scientists

By Doug Obegi

“Just add water.” For several years, fishermen, conservationists, and scientists have argued that if we provide adequate freshwater flows to the Bay-Delta, native fish populations would begin to rebound. In 2007, a federal court required pumping restrictions to protect native fisheries in the Delta, and this year, the CVP and SWP provided sufficient flows in September and October to restore habitat for delta smelt (what’s known as the Fall X2 action). Not surprisingly, it worked – fish populations rebounded.