Miller, Jenesse

Jenesse Miller is the Communications Director for the California League of Conservation Voters.

California's Shark Fin Ban Remains Intact

By Jenesse Miller

California League of Conservation Voters

California's landmark ban on buying and selling shark fins will go forward.

Last summer, soon after the state law (AB 376) went into effect, a federal rule change threatened to preempt the law and provide cover for shark fin hunters.

Thousands of CLCV supporters and many others spoke up and submitted public comments to the federal agency proposing the change, telling the agency not to undermine California’s effort to end our state’s role in the destructive practice of shark finning.

We're thrilled that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) heard us. The agency released a statement this week saying:

California's Already Fracked

By Jenesse Miller

California League of Conservation Voters

California is already fracked. We demand answers.

Today and for the last 60 years, oil and gas companies frack California without public notice. They inject acid into the ground, and they hide their "frack jobs." They pump secret chemicals underground. They won't tell, and they don't have to tell – not even if you live next door. And it's about to get even worse.

Demand to know the truth about fracking in California. Tell your Assemblymember to support SB 4, the environmental bill that forces Big Oil to answer to the public.

Time for California Lawmakers to Ban the Bag

Jenesse MillerBy Jenesse Miller

"But they're so convenient." Really?

The main, lame argument I hear in favor of the ubiquitous single-use plastic bag is that it's convenient. And that it's difficult to remember to bring your own reusable bags when you're out shopping. Even the most responsible environmentalists among us have occasionally arrived at the grocery store and realized we've forgotten our trusty reusable bag (you know, the ones with the logo of our favorite public radio station proudly displayed) and had to juggle a few items on the way home on our bikes or in our electric or biodiesel cars.

California Controller John Chiang Honored with Environmental Leadership Award

By Jenesse Miller

With a dedication that may not immediately be associated with his job description as the state's chief fiscal officer, Controller John Chiang has been a leader in the fight to safeguard California’s environment.

Controller Chiang has worked to make California's finances more transparent and accountable to the public, and fought to weed out waste, fraud and abuse of public money. But what earned him the California League of Conservation Voter's Environmental Leadership Award at our annual gala event this week is his commitment to protecting the state's vast and precious natural resources for all Californians.

Enough of Groundhog Day: Save CEQA

By Jenesse Miller

One of my favorite movies is Groundhog Day, where Bill Murray's weatherman character is trapped living the same day over and over again. But one of my least-favorite real-life versions of Groundhog Day--where several interest groups try to push through major changes to California's most important environmental law at the last minute--is playing out yet again in the state Capitol in the waning days of the legislative session.

The Los Angeles Times warns: “Major change to one of California’s most important laws could happen literally in the dark of night."

Time to Ban the Bag

By Jenesse Miller
California League of Conservation Voters

It's time for the state of California to follow the lead of more than 50 of our cities and dump the plastic bag.

Named by Guinness World Records as "the most ubiquitous consumer item in the world," single-use plastic bags are a leading source of pollution worldwide, including in California. Californians use and throw away 12 billion (yes, that's billion with a "b") of these bags each year with devastating consequences for marine life.

FDA Bans Toxic BPA in Baby Bottles

By Jenesse Miller
California League of Conservation Voters

Do you want the good news first, or the bad news?

I'm a "good news first" kind of person, so here it is: The Food and Drug Administration recently announced that it is now illegal for baby bottles and sippy cups to contain the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA). The announcement comes less than a year after California passed the Toxin-Free Infant and Toddlers Act, a ban on BPA in these products made or sold in California authored by Assemblymember Betsy Butler.

BPA was originally created as a synthetic sex hormone and is widely used in certain plastics and epoxy resins. Scientific studies link BPA exposure to increased risk of cancer, diabetes, obesity, ADHD, and reproductive, neurological, and developmental disorders in hundreds of peer-reviewed studies.

California Makes a Move on Toxic Flame Retardants

By Jenesse Miller
California League of Conservation Voters

The writing is on the wall: we're going to beat the chemical industry in California's fight over toxic flame retardants.

For years, advocates for Californians' health and environment have worked to change archaic regulations that encourage the use of highly toxic chemicals in furniture, baby products and other consumer products in the name of fire safety. The pervasive use of these chemicals has never been proven to save lives, has made home fires more dangerous for victims and firefighters, and has put millions of people who will never encounter a fire in their home at risk -- particularly young children.

Senator Tony Strickland's Attack on Reusable Bags

By Jenesse Miller
California League of Conservation Voters

At first, I thought it was a bad April Fool's joke: A bill requiring warnings on all reusable bags?

Unfortunately, it's not a bad joke, but a very bad policy proposal. State Senator Tony Strickland has introduced a bill, SB 1106, that would require the following warning label on all reusable bags:

“WARNING: Reusable bags must be cleaned and disinfected between uses to prevent food cross contamination. Failure to do so can cause serious illness, cancer, or birth defects resulting from food-borne pathogens. Once used for other purposes, reusable bags should not be used for carrying groceries.”

Holy hyperbole! If I don't disinfect my reusable bag, I'll get cancer?!

Candidates Take Note: New Poll Shows Independent Voters are Environmentalists

By Jenesse Miller
California League of Conservation Voters

Listen up, candidates for office in California: Independent voters care about the environment.

A groundbreaking new statewide poll of California voters who decline-to-state (DTS) an affiliation with any political party reveals the strong environmental and other progressive values of this poorly-understood but growing bloc of voters. The poll was commissioned by the California League of Conservation Voters Education Fund  (CLCV Education Fund), CLCV's sister organization and the non-partisan voter engagement arm of the environmental movement in California. The research was conducted by widely-respected polling firm Tulchin Research.