Jones, Van

Van Jones is the co-founder and president of Rebuild the Dream.

Bank Settlement: $25 Billion Down, $675 Billion to Go

By Van Jones

Last week a $25 billion settlement was announced in which big banks pay up for a portion of their bad deeds in the home foreclosure crisis. Everyone is trying to determine whether this is a good deal or a bad deal.

Here is how I score it. This deal represents small progress on a small problem. Now it's time to make big progress on the big problem.

Don't count on finding many good points in the deal itself, because there aren't a lot. In fact, the main win can be found in what's NOT in the deal.

Obama Must Choose On Housing: Sweetheart Deal For The 1% Or Fairness for the 99%?

By Van Jones with George Goehl

Rumor has it that after months of negotiation with big banks, the White House may announce a settlement that would let the banks off the hook for their role in the foreclosure crisis—paying a tiny fraction of what's needed in exchange for blanket immunity from future lawsuits.

We hope these rumors are untrue.

President Obama has the ability to stop and change the direction of this sweetheart deal. He should reject any deal that benefits the one percent and lets the big banks get away with their crimes. Instead, the president should stand with the 99 percent and push for real accountability and a solution that will help millions of people in this country.